Cake Digital Painting Studies in Procreate

Here are some painting studies done on the iPad in Procreate. This was a great opportunity to explore different ways to render textures for illustrating delicious food products. Food is a huge category in the storyboarding world, so it’s important to have a toolbox of brushes and techniques to call upon to create appetizing, enticing food illustrations.

blueberry cake with blueberry syrup and blueberries drawing
Blueberry cake drawings with blueberries.

These blueberries were fun to render– their texture is peculiar because although the berry flesh has a sheen, the blueberries are also covered in a very thin film of white that also needs to be represented. The result is a matte kind of sheen.

strawberry cake drawing in color with pink layers
Strawberry layer cake with strawberries.

I’m no baker, so in order to create these drawings, I used several references of different cakes to create these dessert amalgamations.

Chocolate layer cake digital drawing with white flowers, almonds, and blackberries.
Chocolate layer cake with white flowers, almonds, and blackberries.

It was fun experimenting with different textured brushes in order to emulate the textures of the cake as well as the frosting. Softer textured brushes worked best. I got to use a bunch of brushes that I usually only used for sketching before.


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