Blockchain Animation Storyboards

This is a series of storyboards I created for The Assemblage — a community workplace that strives to make the world a better place.

They wanted to create an animation inspired by the classic “I’m just a Bill” PBS cartoon to explain the mechanics and uses of Block Chain.

They presented me with a voice over script, and aside from a basic stylistic direction, I was given free range to interpret and represent the narrative however I wanted. This was a little more involved than a typical storyboarding gig, as I was both directing the imagery as well as illustrating it. Typically, a director will come to me with a fully fleshed out script, and my role is to illustrate their vision. In those instances, my role as a storyboard artist is to translate the written script into visuals, and not create the visuals from scratch myself.

Storyboard Animation Blockchain Storyboard Animation Blockchain

Since these would serve as an animation template, I added enough frames to potentially create an animatic down the line. There are a lot of transitions in this piece, so I represented them by adding extra frames, and by trying to keep the imagery as simple as possible to explain the complex concept.

Storyboard Animation Blockchain Storyboard Animation Blockchain

Using a more “old school” style of animation to explain a very modern concept was an interesting challenge. I wanted to utilize retro fonts and the general atmosphere of watching a VHS video on an older model TV set.

Storyboard Animation Blockchain

I created generalized character designs to translate the story. Simple shapes to differentiate each role, based on character illustrations from the original cartoon.

Storyboard Animation Blockchain Storyboard Animation Blockchain

I use simple gradients to add depth, detail, and clarity to the images. A little bit of simple shading can really bring a lot of life to simple linework storyboards like these.

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